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December 8, 2023

The Buddhist Temple in Benalmadena Pueblo

Enlightenment Stupa, Benalmadena Pueblo

There are eight different types of Tibetan Stupa. Benalmádena Pueblo is privileged to be home to an enlightenment stupa. Inaugurated in 2003, it is currently (2023) the largest enlightenment stupa in the western world.

Each of the 8 different Stupa types is built according to very precise instructions where both the exact design and proportions have to be correctly followed.

Buddhist temple benalmadena

Stupas are usually only viewed from the outside. The Buddhist temple in Benalmadena is one of the few stupas in the world to have an inner meditation hall which can be visited by the public. We personally saw the intricate designs of the inner walls being hand painted (with very small brushes) by Buddhist monks.

Buddhist meditation hall in Benalmadena Pueblo

Inside, but never to be seen in it’s permanently sealed treasure chambers, are thousands of sacred objects.
The paintings on the walls of the meditation hall represent the life story of the Historical Buddha Shakyamuni and have been elaborated by Nepalese artists in the traditional religious style of the Himalayas.

An additional space for exhibitions related to Tibetan Buddhism, the Himalayan culture and Stupas around the world, has been adapted underneath the meditation hall.

The stupa is a regular venue for various events and lectures. There is also a cafe and shop close by, and all profits are used for the maintenance of this wonderful building.

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