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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the booking process take? What methods of payment accepted? Do I need travel insurance? How can I contact you while on holiday? And more.

Yes.  And it’s very simple.

You need an account to be able to pay for your reservation.  You can also then make use of the messaging service if you’d prefer this to email.

Having an account means it’s easier to make repeat bookings and shows you a history of your previous visits.

Also once logged in you can comment on articles on the ‘Local Interest’ page which can be useful for other visitors to the area.

Simply create an account and log in before entering your dates and the final price will be shown. There are no hidden extras.

We’ll be notified of your booking request and will confirm as soon as possible.

You’ll be issued an invoice with payment details to pay for your booking.

If booking more than 8 weeks in advance your first payment will be a reservation fee of approx 30% to secure your booking, and the balance will be due 8 weeks prior to arrival.

The booking process is quick, but we prefer to confirm to you that the dates are available before you make payment.

We exclusively manage all of the properties so you can’t be double booked. However we have lots of regular visitors that book by email or phone and we might be in the process of confirming a booking which won’t be instantly recorded on the availability calendar.

You can pay by either credit card or bank transfer.

We accept that during a rental period there can be wear and tear from ‘normal’ usage.  The breakages deposit is to cover any breakages or damage which is deemed by us as negligence or wilful damage.

In the event of part or all of the deposit being retained a comprehensive breakdown of costs will be provided. If the total cost of repairs/replacement exceeds the amount of the deposit the guests will also be held liable for the difference and invoiced accordingly.

On departure the property is expected to be left in a similar condition as it was on arrival. If at any time we feel that excessive cleaning is required in the property then this will be charged accordingly.

Excessive / wasteful use of air conditioning (eg. leaving the units running while the property is empty) will also be charged for. Please respect the environment.

Your breakages deposit will be returned to your bank account with a few days of departure.  We’ll contact you for account details.

Once we receive your booking request we’ll reply as soon as possible.  Usually within a few hours at the most. And then it’s simply a case of making that payment for the invoice you receive.

Email us direct or send a message via the website from your account.

The sooner we know the more chance we have of advertising the property as available and finding another reservation for the same dates.

This initial booking deposit is made by you to secure the dates of your reservation. If your booking is cancelled the deposit is not refundable unless your dates can be re-sold for the same price.

If you’re cancelling for a genuine reason then your travel insurance should cover this and we can issue you with a receipt to make your claim.

Yes, this is highly recommended.

Guests are responsible for their own travel insurance. 

Any valuables, personal objects, and cash left unattended in the properties are not covered on the property insurance. In the case of any accidents occurring within the property which result in medical or other expenses, guests are expected to claim from their own holiday insurance.  No responsibility is assumed by the owners or Pueblo Holidays to cover any costs.

Yes, absolutely.  We want you to make the most of every minute of your holiday.

However if there are other guests arriving or departing on the same day as your arrival or departure we need to stick to the times so that the villa can be thoroughly cleaned between each group of guests. Any extensions to the usual times must be requested and agreed in advance.

We’ll be as flexible as possible on this but can’t guarantee extended times too far in advance. You’ll always be able to come straight to the villa from the airport and drop any bags with us, and then grab a coffee in the village while the cleaners finish their work. And on departure we can look after your bags for the day if you have a late flight.

A popular plan for a late flight home is to drop your luggage at the airport and then take a 10 minute train ride into the centre of Malaga to explore the city. There’s plenty of history and good food!

No, not as standard. Tastes and requirements of each guest can vary greatly which can cause needless waste if all the items are not consumed.  Because of this we don’t build welcome packs into the holiday rental price.

All of the villas are located conveniently to the village centre with a selection of shops and supermarkets.

In the case of late arrival we can buy any essentials you might need which can be paid for on arrival.

All villas offer their own television facilities. These can vary between each property, and are also susceptible to changes throughout the year.

For visitors from the UK, since Brexit there has been a stricter enforcement on the transmission of UK channels to European countries.

We make every effort to offer a good selection of channels to guests. However we cannot always guarantee a complete service.

We recommend that you come prepared:

  • Download content onto your phone or tablet prior to travelling. Especially useful for families with young children.
  • Use a VPN service on your phone / tablet to hide your location and access channels while abroad.
  • Bring your own dongle / chromecast etc with you to transmit content from your phone onto the TV in the property.
  • Be sure you have the apps you’d like to use ready installed and set up before travelling – you may not be able to download them while abroad.
  • The website offers hundreds of international channels including live view UK TV while abroad without the need for a VPN service.

On departure the property is expected to be left in a similar condition as it was on arrival. Neat and tidy.

But please don’t break out the cleaning products and spend the last hour of your holiday cleaning. The property will be thoroughly cleaned after your departure. 

We do expect you to leave the villa and outside areas in a reasonable condition as you found it. If at any time we feel that excessive cleaning is required in the property then this will be charged accordingly.

The villa is your temporary home for your holiday, and to invite friends for dinner, a BBQ etc is totally fine. This is within reason – there is strictly a ‘no party’ policy in all of the properties.

All guests being accommodated at the property must be registered as required by Spanish law.

In no circumstances may the maximum number of persons stated in the property description and/or booking form be exceeded, and no additional guests may be accommodated without prior permission. Any extra persons on arrival will be refused entry. If extra persons are accommodated at the villa without prior permission the rental agreement will be immediately terminated.

Sorry, no.  The policy in all of the villas is strictly no pets.

This rule is strictly enforced due to to potential future guests with allergies.

We’ll be available throughout the duration of your stay if needed. We’re also residents in Benalmádena pueblo and can often be with you in a very short time in case of problems.  And we’re always available by either phone or message (whatsapp).

If the rare event that you encounter any problems with your rental property, please inform us immediately so that we can attempt to rectify them. We cannot be held responsible for any problems not reported until you have returned home.

No. There is always a supply of taxi services available and are not over expensive.

As well as official taxis registered with the local authorities there are also plenty of private hire services to choose from.  A quick internet search will give you plenty of options.
For a standard car the average price from the airport should be around 35 euros. The official taxis which will be in the taxi rank at the airport don’t need booking in advance but will be slightly more expensive due to the licence fee they pay to be able to be stationed there – somewhere closer to 40 euros.

You’ll be provided with a directions file with directions for taxi drivers or self drive.

No.  All villas are no smoking inside. But most of life in Spain is outside anyway and at the vill there’ll be terraces or outdoor areas where you’ll be comfortable and can smoke.